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As environmental awareness grew in the United States, Archilao and Michael Gloria Chiarelli decided to create their own line of paints and plasters that would exceed all environmental standards, while still offering the same level of artistic aestheticism that their clients had become accustomed to. Today, we have our products shipped from Italy to our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles to ensure a speedier turnaround time for our clients.

Italian Masters products are ideally suited for the environmentally conscious builder or owner. Products of time and Mother Nature, our Aged Lime Putty Plasters are a result of a largely natural production process. These plasters also have a unique CO2 profile that is beneficial to air quality. Most of our products, including all of our Lime Putty Plasters, Limestone Cement Plasters, most of our artisan plasters, primers, sealers, and waxes emit no VOC's. The few VOC emitting products offered have extremely low emissions. In addition, many of our products contain recycled material. Our continued focus is to engage in earth friendly practices.

More information on the benefits of individual products can be found in our Environmental Data Sheets.

Request Lime-Based Plaster Environmental Data Sheet

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