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Staining + Aniline Dyes

We start with a wood conditioner for both interior and exterior work, allowing us to control the stain or dye that is applied. For the exterior, a stain is applied following the wood conditioner as well. Normally, we begin with a stain followed by a very translucent glaze which gives the wood an antiquity that can't be achieved by traditional staining. This technique preserves the wood to last years longer than traditional staining methods.

Italian Masters uses aniline dyes on its interiors versus oil based stains which allows the dyes to penetrate deeper into the wood. All of our dyes are water based and environmentally friendly. Our water-based dyes illuminate the wood and give you a furniture finish. We work with wood ranging from oak to African Sapele. Our finishes are of the highest quality and comparable to Smallbone and Poggenpohl.

We often do our cabinet finishes offsite in a controlled environment. We are also accustomed to the pre finished techniques currently used as most cabinetry and doors come pre-finished.

Our goal is to save you time, money, and give you the highest quality finish possible. From staining to glazing, Italian Masters® is the innovator in finishes.