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Italian Masters Veneciano brings the classical art of Venetian plaster into the 21st Century. Veneciano is a natural mineral authentic lime plaster, based on aged slaked lime and finely ground marble dust, to which we add less than 2% contemporary polymer admixtures for ease of application and greater durability. Use Veneciano to create beautiful, polished, brilliantly-colored interior or exterior plaster finishes. It is applied in thin, translucent patches to create a rich visual finish with the illusion of depth and substance. The product can be finished with a high-gloss or low-gloss sheen.

Environmental Benefits

Zero VOC emissions. Non-toxic.

Basic Use

Use Veneciano as a plaster finish coat for walls, ceilings, and special decorative features. It can be applied over most high quality plaster and gypsum board bases or other smooth substrates.

Note: In recent years, the term "Venetian plaster" has been applied to a wide range of materials, including paint-like and synthetic coatings. While some of these products may simulate the appearance of Venetian Lime plaster, they do not share the luminescence, luster, durability and longevity of an authentic Venetian lime plaster. We recommend that the term "Venetian Plaster" be revised to "Venetian Lime Plaster " for use only when referring to high quality products like Italian Masters® Veneciano which contain aged slaked lime, integral pigments, and marble dust.


Veneciano is inventoried in a tintable base that can be custom colored to meet design requirements. Pick a color from any leading paint manufacturer or send us a swatch of the fabric, tile or stone you are using and we will match it.


Limited to light tones.

Note: Standard samples are shown, with new standard samples and techniques introduced seasonally. However, custom colors and samples are available for an additional cost. Colors, textures, tones, and special effects are unlimited.

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