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Italian Masters Marmorino is a modern version of ancient polished stucco that can be used to create spectacular interior and exterior finishes. A highly versatile finish, Marmorino provides a range of textures including smooth, distressed or stone-like. Its white base enables it to be tinted to brilliant hues.

"Marmorino" means "little marble" and gets its name from the powdered marble that gives the finish its unique consistency and allows for the creation of a seemingly endless range of textures and aesthetic effects. It also contains slaked lime for cohesion and improved workability and moisture resistance, and a blend of polymers for enhanced adhesion and durability. Slaked lime finishes age well, gaining in beauty and strength with time.

Basic Use

Use Marmorino as a plaster finish coat for walls, ceilings, soffits and special decorative features. It is recommended for both interior and exterior environments and is compatible with most plaster base coats as well as gypsum board, concrete, masonry and other substrates.


Marmorino is inventoried in a tintable base that can be custom colored to meet design requirements. Pick a color from any leading paint manufacturer, or send us a swatch of the fabric, tile or stone you are using and we will match it.

Environmental Benefits

Zero VOC emissions. Non-toxic.

Note: Standard samples are shown, with new standard samples and techniques introduced seasonally. However, custom colors and samples are available for an additional cost. Colors, textures, tones, and special effects are unlimited.

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