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Italian Masters Esterno Color Coat is a high performance, decorative, integrally colored stucco coat which is also used as a base coat leveler to level irregular brick, stone, plaster, stucco or concrete wall surfaces exterior use. It is formulated with Portland cement, lime, super clean sand, micronized invisible fibers and angular mineral rocks for strength and durability. The formulation is tempered with polymer admixtures for superior adhesion and ease of application. Esterno contains a unique blend of polymer admixtures and fibers, which contributes to superb adhesion, workability, water repellency, durability and flexibility. Esterno Color Coat is blended domestically using local minerals and cements combined with the key ingredients that are imported.

Environmental Benefits

Zero VOC emissions, Non-Toxic.

Basic Use

Use Esterno Color Coat as a stucco finish coat for walls. It is recommended for interior and exterior environments and is compatible with mortars, concrete, masonry and other substrates.


Esterno Color Coat is offered in more than thirty standard colors and can be custom colored to meet design specifications.

Note: Standard samples are shown, with new standard samples and techniques introduced seasonally. However, custom colors and samples are available for an additional cost. Colors, textures, tones, and special effects are unlimited.

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