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Plaster Mouldings

Italian Masters, Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer and installer of ornamental plaster and plaster mouldings. We collaboratively work together with architects, designers, general contractors and homeowners to insure that your project is architecturally correct, beautiful, and has a uniqueness of its own.

Italian Masters projects are designed using the latest drafting software and technology. We maintain highly qualified draftsmen that convert architectural blue prints into production shop drawings. Our Design and Drafting Department enjoys creating drawings for custom projects. And, our unique design and fabrication facilities allow us to be extremely creative. The drawings are then provided to our custom mould shop where we begin modeling your design in clay. Using that clay model, rubber moulds are created and are used to cast the final plaster moulding.

Once finished, your products are all carefully packed using Styrofoam separators and then shrink wrapped, allowing pieces to arrive on the project site in the same condition as they left our 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant. Each piece is then installed by our highly trained in-house certified installers, in order to ensure your project comes to life as envisioned.