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Why fade®

The fade® Acoustic Plaster is a high-quality plastering system that absorbs unwanted noise in a wide range of environments. The system can be supplied in a choice of RAL or NCS color options on request. fade® is superior with irregular shaped construction. High light reflectance and project can benefit from maximizing access to daylight.

Bringing together high-value aesthetics and acoustic performance, the fade® Acoustic Plaster System is well-suited to a wide-range of developments, from historic buildings to high-end residential, commercial, retail and educational spaces. By absorbing sound waves, the fade® sound-absorbing plaster system reduces reverberation time, providing the highest level of sound -absorption. And, does not contain any synthetic materials.

  • Achieves great acoustics with minimum construction thicknesses: NRC 0.7 - 20mm / NRC 1.0 - 40mm
  • Price competitive in all markets due to easy installation and flexible system
  • Keeps its color and can be repaired easily.
  • Easy and simple spray applied system; easy to work with and fast drying times.
  • Focus on the environment and provides more LEED points. Zero VOC’s; no growth of mold and no smell.
  • Inorganic and highly durable in all regions.
  • Humidity, UV-exposure, and static resistant

Benefits at a Glance

Cleaning & Maintenance

The acoustic plaster is anti-static and inorganic, so no maintenance required and it’s very easy to repair. The system is highly resistant to both humidity and UV-exposure. Surface dust and dirt can be vacuumed off using a soft brush attachment or blown off using pressurized air.

We think of the environment

Up to 50 % recycled materials and no additives added to the plaster system. We are involved in a tree-planting program - planting 1 tree for every 1m2 ceiling we produce.

Colour & light reflectance

Standard colour: White
Light Reflectance Value as high as 83 %
The plaster is made from natural but inorganic materials. With the plaster being anti-static the surface will keep its natural color throughout the years. The plaster can be colored in all RAL and NCS colors.

Innovation & sustainable production

The recipe is Swedish. 18 years down the line manufacturing of the product is still carried out in Scandinavia using only materials that originates from Europe.

Indoor climate

Microorganisms cannot grow in the acoustic plaster system. The system is odor free and highly resistant to humidity and UV-exposure.

Test data

NRC/AW up to: 1,0 (Class A). Tested at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Sound Research Laboratories in the UK. Class A Fire Testing as per the ISO EN 13501 2007: A2s1d0

Environmental & LEED credits

We think dearly of the environment and climate and we take pride in manufacturing fantastic and environmental-friendly products. In 2018 our products were certified at the Cradle to Cradle v2 Silver level.

With the launch of the new LEED v4, our Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified products will provide extra points and they will be valued at 100% of cost. Choosing our products can earn project teams up to 2 extra LEED points.

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